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  • Lipo-Plus Injections Help Weight Loss

    Before seeking out a rapid weight loss solution, it is important to have all the information to ensure a lasting healthy lifestyle and weight maintenance. At RCMC Medical Center in Banning, we use premium ingredients in our lipo-plus injections and ensure they are safely administered by medical professionals. To ensure a positive mindset and healthy eating habits, we recommend nutritional counseling for patients during and after lipo-plus injections.

    • Ingredients

    Lipo-plus injections contain a powerful blend of vitamins and amino acids, which together, induce rapid weight loss among other health benefits. The key ingredients in lipo-plus injections are inositol, choline, methionine, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. While each of these components is ineffective for weight loss on their own, this combination of ingredients accelerates the metabolism of fat in the body. While methionine, choline, and inositol regulate naturally occurring hormones in the body, which metabolize and reduce fat, vitamins B6 and B12 keep the patient feeling energized and uplifted throughout the lipotropic process.

    • What You Should Know

    It is always best to go to a medical weight loss facility such as our RCMC Banning clinic for Lipo-plus injections that are administered by a physician. Non-medically trained clinicians are legally allowed to administer these injections, however high doses of certain ingredients could lead to adverse side effects and should, therefore, be overseen by a doctor.

    Lipotropic injections are normally administered once a week for several months to support a complete weight loss journey. It is therefore important to visit a clinic that will be convenient for you to return to regularly. RCMC offers lipo-plus injections in Banning, Rancho Cucamonga, and Hesperia locations.

    While looking into the various options for rapid weight loss solutions such as appetite suppressants and underactive thyroid services, patients often come across vitamin B12 injections, and mistake this isolated lipotropic ingredient as a weight loss tool. Vitamin B12 injections, although useful for energy maintenance and other health benefits, is not capable of triggering weight loss without the additional ingredients in lipo-plus injections.

    • Side Effects

    Side effects associated with lipo-plus injections are minimal due to a relatively safe mixture of ingredients. However, if you are in an extreme caloric deficit while taking lipo-plus injections, you may experience symptoms such as light headedness, drowsiness, and extreme hunger.

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