A History of Success with HCG Weight Loss

Today, people throughout Rancho Cucamonga are experiencing rapid, extraordinary results from the HCG weight loss diet at RCMC Medical Center. However, weight loss aided by the pregnancy hormone HCG has been around since the early 1960’s, providing nearly 50 years of proven effectiveness.

A New Approach to Weight Loss

In the early 1950’s British endocrinologist, Dr. ATW Simeons pioneered the theory of using the hormone to help people lose weight when it proved a pleasant side effect when used to help treat low testosterone in adolescent boys. Dr. Simeons would spend the next ten years experimenting with doses and diet until he discovered the optimal combination.

In 1967, Dr. Simeons published his findings in the book, “Pounds and Inches, a New Approach to Obesity.” Soon after, as more people tried the diet plan with amazing results, it gained popularity. Today, RCMC Medical Center in Rancho Cucamonga helps hundreds of people lose weight using medical HCG injections and personalized diet plans.

What is HCG Weight Loss?

The right dose of HCG, when used in combination with the specially designed diet, targets stubborn fat deposits – such as those on the shoulders, thighs, and abdomen – and converts them into usable energy. Despite the low-calorie diet, those who use HCG will not feel hungry because the extra energy is used by the body effectively reducing the appetite. 

What to Expect While Using HCG Injections?

Besides helping you lose up to three pounds a day, HCG injections can cause several side effects, which include:

  • Increased Energy
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Elevated Mood
  • Reduced Fat Deposits
  • Boosted Metabolism 

Weight loss can be difficult if the hypothalamus has a buildup of toxins from overly processed diets and HCG has also been shown to help flush toxins out of the hypothalamus, which helps control the body’s metabolism. 

Improve Your Results with Additional Services

Often, underlying medical problems, such as an underactive thyroid, can cause weight loss problems. A complete medical screen is conducted by highly experienced medical professionals to either detect these medical conditions or rule them out. If a condition is detected, you will begin treatment alongside your other weight loss efforts. 

For a free weight loss consultation to see if the HCG weight loss diet is right for you, please contact the experts at RCMC Medical Center in Rancho Cucamonga today!