A Weight Loss Clinic in Claremont Offers Four Essential Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss

As one of the foremost centers for medical weight loss in Claremont, we spend our days helping people like you lose weight.  At RCMC Medical Center, we make use of all the latest proven technologies and medications, including HCG injections, appetite suppressors, lipotropic injections, testosterone therapy, and more.  Every one of these techniques has its appropriate applications and has helped our patients lose weight.

However, losing weight is not the same as keeping that weight off.   Once we’ve done our work helping you lose the weight, maintaining that weight is largely up to you.  But, of course, we want you to succeed.  Here are some tips to help you maintain your ideal weight, no matter how you achieved it.

Maintain Your Medical Weight Loss in Claremont By Following These Simple Tips

  • Eat a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day, and it’s the meal that leaves you all day to burn off the calories you intake.  A larger breakfast followed by a small lunch and a modest dinner minimizes any extra calories you take in.

Likewise, avoid large dinners whenever possible.  They just sit in your gut in the evening and turn into fat overnight.

  • Do anything besides vegging in front of the TV.

There are few activities you can engage in which burn fewer calories than watching TV.  Even something as basic as needlework or other handicrafts will do more to maintain your weight.  Someone who spends every evening with Netflix, is probably going to put on the pounds again.

  • Be aware of your emotional eating triggers.

Many people eat as a reaction to emotional events, although the exact “trigger” varies from person to person.  Some eat when they’re happy, others when they’re sad, and others when they’re angry.  Know which type you are and be extra-careful not to overeat when you’re in that mental state.

  • Get support from friends and family.

The people who love you want you to be healthy!  They’ll be happy to help you keep an eye on your eating or give you a friendly reminder not to super-size that meal.  They might even be willing to become your diet or exercise buddies in their own quest for better health.  It’s easier to lose weight, and keep it off, as part of a team.

RCMC Medical Center Can Help You Lose Weight

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