Benefits of the HCG Diet

Many dieting programs focus on cutting calories. Unfortunately, doing so also leads to hunger, making your body think it’s starving. This, in turn, slows down its metabolic functions, making it more difficult to burn fat. But the HCG diet uses these built-up fat reserves as your energy supply, effectively speeding up your metabolism.

Here RCMC Medical Center wanted to share a few of the foremost advantages of the HCG diet!

  • Healthy Weight Reduction: HCG injections allow your body to burn excess fat from everywhere, including your thighs, arms, waist, neck, and more. It is a balanced approach to weight loss and a great alternative to traditional dieting.
  • Lower Cholesterol: Those that suffer from high cholesterol will be happy to learn that HCG dieting will help lower it. Healthy-eating habits and a low-calorie intake, coupled with HCG injections, will minimize your chances of heart problems down the road.
  • Hormone Regulation: An HCG diet helps keeps your hormones balanced, reducing testosterone and regulating estrogen levels, promoting healthy homeostasis.
  • Increased Endurance: On your weight loss journey, you’ll quickly begin to lose weight, breathe easier, and exercise for longer, drastically increasing your endurance. HCG injections can help get you back on track much quicker than other, more traditional diets.
  • Preserved Muscle Integrity: Many diets decrease both your fat and muscle, but HCG enables you to retain that muscle integrity while still cutting your fat. This is much healthier for building strong muscles and bones.
  • No Severe Hunger: HCG injections rely on the fat already stored in your body, pulling calories from it. This means that unlike other, more extreme diets, you’ll never experience severe hunger cravings that make it difficult to get through the day.

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