Considering the HCG Diet? Be Sure to Do It Through a Licensed Medical Provider!

A lot of people are looking for quick solutions to their weight problems, and one of the most commonly-sought options is the HCG diet. HCG -Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – is a hormone found in pregnant women which spurs bodily development as well as improving body-hormone production. Many tests have suggested that HCG, in combination with a strictly-tailored diet and proper nutritional counseling, may lead to very rapid weight loss.

However, there is a dark side to HCG – a lot of products in the market do not work and can never work because they don’t actually contain HCG! If you are going to participate in an HCG diet, you should be getting medical HCG injections from a genuine licensed medical specialist. If not, you’re going to get ripped off – or worse.


Why Medical HCG Injections Are the Only HCG Diet You Should Consider

It’s not uncommon to find products on store shelves or -worse- being sold online that claim to be HCG products. They want you to believe that their products are just as effective as going to a doctor, just without having to make appointments.

This is utter bunk.

HCG is a controlled substance. HCG in any form cannot be obtained in the United States without a prescription from a genuine doctor, obtained from legitimate licensed sources. It is not something you can buy over-the-counter, and any product on store shelves claiming to be HCG is flat-out lying.

How can they get away with it? By claiming it’s homeopathic. Because their products contain only the tiniest trace amounts of HCG, they can get around regulations. Of course, that means there isn’t enough HCG to have any effect on your body either. If you look at the packages for these products, they will undoubtedly have a disclaimer saying that their claims haven’t been evaluated by the FDA and may even claim that the product isn’t intended to be used for medical purposes!

That’s a sure sign it won’t help you on your weight loss journey.


Get Medical HCG Injections from Genuine Medical Practitioners

If you are considering an HCG diet, it’s important you do so under medical supervision while obtaining legitimate HCG products from those licensed to dispense them. Taking over-the-counter or mail-order HCG products can legitimately endanger your health, as well as your weight loss.

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