Discover the Benefits of Working with RCMC Medical Center for Lipo-Plus Injections

One of the challenges many face in taking on weight loss tasks is a lack of support in the process, as well as a lack of understanding of the processes involved in losing weight over time. Our team at RCMC Medical Center are now one of the most trusted teams in the industry for weight loss products and services. Find out now why so many turn to RCMC Medical Center for Lipo-Plus injections.


We have decades of experience in the weight loss industry. This experience helps our team build unique weight loss programs for each patient while ensuring they achieve their ideal program goals. As part of our experience, we’re able to educate clients on the challenges associated with their particular weight loss process and ensure they overcome these challenges through support and comprehensive nutritional counseling.

Proven Weight Loss Success

Unlike many of the other top weight loss specialists in the industry, we can point to many examples of past patient success stories. Our patients know that when they visit us for treatment, we can meet their unique weight loss needs with customized programs that combine dietary guidance with regularly scheduled Lipo-Plus injections. This combination approach ensures a consistent weight loss effect that helps keep the patient encouraged through their treatment process.

Free Consultation

When a client works with RCMC Medical Center, they’ll be given a free consultation to help introduce them to the Lipo-Plus product and its benefits. During the consultation, the specialist will review the performance of Lipo-Plus and how it has worked for past patients. They will also discuss the patient’s medical history with them to begin on the foundation to their weight loss strategy. During this consultation, patients will have the opportunity to speak with a specialist in the area about their questions and concerns on Lipo-Plus injections. It’s a critical phase of treatment and it’s completely free!

Our trusted team at RCMC Medical Center is here to help you learn more about the full range of treatment options available to you. To speak with a specialist about Lipo-Plus or any of our other options, call today!