Exploring Possible Links Between Testosterone Therapy And Weight Management For Men

There are a number of reasons why testosterone matters to men’s health. It is an essential hormone because it is responsible not just for sexual health and function, but for the building of lean muscle mass, production of red blood cells and stabilization of mental health, among other functions. This is why a drop in testosterone levels can affect men’s health dramatically, causing a number of unpleasant or potentially debilitating symptoms. Testosterone levels can drop because of age, as well as underlying health conditions. Either way, when this happens, testosterone therapy can help.

A Drop In Testosterone

Not too long ago, it was taken for granted that testosterone levels in men would drop on account of age. The levels of testosterone production naturally start to decrease when men are in their 30’s and, by the time they reach 50, are almost half of what they were in their 20’s. At the same time, this leads to a rise in estrogen and other antagonistic hormones that cause all kinds of problems ranging from depression and chronic fatigue to decreased sexual function, impaired concentration, and lower sex drive.

As far as weight management goes, it also leads to a loss of lean muscle mass, loss of bone mass and increased fat deposits. This is why, over the past 7 decades or so, Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) has made a difference in the lives of more and more men who understand the condition and recognize how some of their symptoms can be reversed.

The Benefits

Testosterone therapy can help in a number of ways, with varying results that depend on an individual and how his body absorbs the hormone, among other things. It can restore a sense of vitality and, with advancements in treatment options, eliminate many side effects of growing older. All it takes to find out if you have low testosterone is a simple blood test and evaluation of medical history. The therapy can help boost confidence, improve memory, increase body fat and bone density, increase lean muscle mass and improve sexual function.

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