Feel & Look Healthier with Lipo-Plus Medical Weight Loss at the RCMC Medical Center

Remember that teacher in middle school whose sole mission in life seemed to be to hurry you down the hall and into class? Think of lipotropic injections as the hall monitor of the body.

What are Lipotropic Injections?

Lipotropic injections consist of a mixture of ingredients that include Inositol, Choline, Methionine, essential amino acids, and vitamins B6 and B12. While each of these ingredients do something on their own, it is the powerful combination that makes lipotropic injections so effective.

How Do They Work?

The best way to describe how lipotropic injections work is to break down what each ingredient does for the body:

  • Inositol helps regulate insulin and serotonin and helps to metabolize fats
  • Choline reduces the amount of fat in the liver
  • Methionine reduces fat and lowers cholesterol
  • Vitamins B6 and B12 help elevate mood and boost energy levels

There is nothing mystical or magical about it, but the combination that goes into lipotropic injections provide a powerful springboard for weight loss.

Do The Injections Hurt?

If this was 1970 we would have to answer with a resounding, “Yes!” The truth is, today’s micro-needles are so tiny that most of our patients claim they can barely feel the injections.

Are There any Medical Benefits?

There are a number of health benefits that we know of. Lipotropic injections appear to help the body:

  • Transform carbohydrates into raw energy
  • Lessen the chance of recipients getting gallstones
  • Flush the liver
  • Emulsify cholesterol
  • Boost brain and cell function

How Do I Know if Lipotropic Injections at a Medical Weight Loss Clinic Are Right for Me?

Ultimately, only you can answer that question. Before you make a decision though, take a look at some of the benefits our medical weight loss clinic patients have reported:

  • Healthier skin
  • More energy
  • Better able to focus
  • Stronger nails
  • Healthier hair
  • Keener concentration

We believe in the product, but you have to try lipotropic injections out for yourself. What we hope it does is give you the energy you have been craving, the mental focus that will help you get through the day, and a body that can efficiently burn and flush fat.

To learn more on lipotropic injections and their benefits, contact our medical weight loss clinic today!