Have Your Pie and Eat It Too: Tips for Staying on Diet This Holiday Season from RCMC Medical Center’s Nutritionist in Banning

With Halloween right around the corner, stores are gearing up for the holidays by decking their halls with all sorts of decorations and tantalizing seasonal treats. However, the holidays don’t have to be a diet killer; here are tips from a Banning RCMC Medical Center nutritionist on how to have your pie and eat it too. 

The Appetizers

Appetizers, which may appear healthy, can actually harbor hidden diet disasters. Often, the bite sized nature, creamy dips, and colorful creations make it appear as if you are consuming less than you actually are. To prevent over doing it on fatty appetizers, avoid them altogether or reach for the healthier alternatives, such as yogurt based dips and fresh vegetables instead of chips.

Simple Switches for Healthier Holiday Meals

There are certain dishes that traditionally grace many holiday tables, but are full of unhealthy sugars, fats, and empty calories. Our Banning nutritionist suggests simply switching these dishes for healthier options can help you stay on track. Some ideas include:

  • Try roasted sweet potatoes instead of the sugar packed candied yams. Jazz up the flavor with a sprinkling of cinnamon and nutmeg.
  • White meat turkey is lower in fat than the dark meat and when cooked correctly, is just as flavorful and juicy. 
  • Cranberry relish offers the same tart topping for that turkey with less sugars than the jellied sauce.
  • Instead of that calorie laden green bean casserole make fresh green beans by sautéing lightly with garlic and onions.

Whole and Homemade

Store brought packaged foods, such as boxed stuffing, potatoes, and desserts are filled with preservatives, artificial sugars, and unhealthy fats; all of which should be avoided to lose weight. Instead, take some extra time to make these dishes at home; allowing you to tweak the recipes to fit your dietary needs.

Have Your Pie and Eat It Too

Pie is a staple in nearly every household come the holidays. Sadly, most pies are filled with those pesky diet killers and should be avoided while on your way to better health. However, not all pies are created equal and some are fine to have in small amounts, such as: crust less pumpkin pie, which is full of vitamins without the added fats.

This holiday season, you can enjoy the flavors without the diet worries. To learn more about staying on track, please contact the expert nutritionist in Banning at RCMC Medical Center today!