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  • HCG Diet Accelerators in Banning

    Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone released early on in a woman’s pregnancy and has been used as a weight loss tool since the 1950s in the form of the HCG diet. The HCG diet is extremely calorically restrictive, with the addition of HCG drops, which help support the conversion of fat to energy in the body. An HCG diet accelerator is a product, which claims to further support the efficiency of the hormone or supplement it entirely while dieting. This product is normally sold in pill form and is not approved by the FDA due to its questionable ingredients.

    The undetermined ingredients in most of these products make them not only threatening to your health, but there are no known nutritional supplements that activate fat loss in the same way as HCG, meaning they are likely ineffective. A much more effective way to accelerate fat loss with the properties of HCG is to seek out medical HCG injections, which will allow your body to access high doses of this hormone immediately. Patients can seek out these injections as an alternative to HCG diet accelerators at our RCMC weight loss clinics in Banning, Hesperia or Rancho Cucamonga.

    Health Risks

    Where weight loss solutions such as lipo-plus injections, underactive thyroid services, and medical HCG injections are done under the supervision of trained physicians, these questionable nutritional supplements are sold to consumers for at-home use. This is extremely dangerous considering the ingredients in these products are unknown.

    One of the reasons that HCG injections are an optimal choice for individuals who are looking to lose weight is because patients often report a feeling of satiation while taking the hormone, despite an extremely low caloric intake. People who take HCG diet accelerators will likely feel extreme hunger while following a strict diet plan. Additionally, HCG diet doctors can adjust your dosage, and find alternative medical weight loss solutions for you if necessary.

    Cost of HCG Diet Accelerators

    In cities like Banning, unapproved HCG Diet Accelerators are often sold at a higher price than medical-grade HCG injections. This makes the real hormone an obvious choice for individuals who are looking for a fast and effective weight loss solution.

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