HCG Weight Loss in Banning: More Than Just a Dieting Aid

As with many other aspects of society, dieting follows a predictable routine: A revolutionary new trend with fast amazing results, that quickly peters out due to regained weight, unhealthy requirements, and strength of will power required to succeed. RCMC Medical Center’s HCG Weight Loss in Banning, however, breaks this cycle.

The Basics of HCG for Weight Loss

HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women that has shown amazing results as a dietary aid in both men and women. HCG works by targeting the stored fat deposits, particularly in stubborn areas such as around the gut, and burns these stores into usable energy. When used with the proper diet, HCG for weight loss can produce results quickly and help to keep the pounds off.

HCG injections are normally used as part of a larger weight loss plan. Such plans often include:

  • Customized low calorie diet 
  • Nutritional and lifestyle education
  • Exercise plan
  • Accountability meetings
  • And a supportive, encouraging community

The low calorie diet is one of the key factors of having success with HCG injections. When a limited number of calories are consumed, the HCG tricks the body into tapping stored deposits to use for day to day activities. This then reduces hunger signals, naturally suppressing the appetite, and leading to rapid weight loss.

What to Expect from HCG Weight Loss in Banning

It all starts with the free weight loss consultation at RCMC Medical Center, where trained medical professionals discuss your goals, and what you have tried in the past. You will undergo a complete medical exam to locate any underlying medical conditions that could contribute to weight loss difficulties, such as a thyroid problem. From there, staff will work closely with you to design a program that is right for you, including the use of HCG injections.

More Than a Dieting Aid

While the main benefit of HCG injections is the rapid weight loss, this form of treatment provides other beneficial side effects, including:

  • Flushes chemical build up out of the hypothalamus, allowing the body to more effectively remove unwanted weight.
  • Increased energy as fat is converted for use.
  • An altogether more efficient metabolism for lasting results.

When used as part of your Banning weight loss program, HCG can ramp up your results and help you keep the weight off. To learn more about HCG Injections, please contact the experts at RCMC Medical Center today.