Here’s How Nutrition Counseling Can Help With Weight Loss

Nutrition counseling is, simply put, a service that addresses poor eating habits. These are one of the biggest non-medical contributors to weight problems, which is why changing them is important. Nutrition counseling also relies on a healthy, positive mental attitude, but starts with a careful evaluation and an understanding of current habits.

The First Step

One of the first things a nutritionist at a medical weight loss center like RCMC Medical Center does is find out more about your current and past eating habits, social habits, dieting attempts and lifestyle. You are also questioned about goals and desires, your support network and employment details, all of which can affect your weight loss goals in a number of ways. Nutrition counseling also involves medical screening to rule out underlying medical problems such as thyroid or testosterone issues, which may require medical intervention. All of this information goes towards building a plan to help you reach your weight loss goals quickly and safely.

A nutritionist will help find your starting ground, identify areas of improvement in eating and lifestyle habits, and ways to approach each aspect of them. Your medical evaluation may show a need for additional services such as underactive thyroid treatment, HCG injections, Lipo Plus injections or appetite suppressants.

Customized Plans

These plans address individual needs, goals, and obstacles. They include nutrition counseling as well as individualized dieting plans, customized exercise routines and other treatments based on a medical evaluation. A trained nutrition counselor understands that every person is unique and that their diets should reflect this. The main goal of counseling is to inculcate healthy weight loss habits to boost metabolism for a lifetime of weight management. There is an emphasis on better eating, including protein with each meal, choosing large meals carefully, understanding the importance of eating throughout the day and the need for constant movement to convert food into energy.

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