How Body Positivity Can Help with Your Weight Loss Journey in Victorville, CA

Running a weight loss clinic in Victorville, CA, isn’t only about diet plans and hormone supplements – it’s also about emotional support.  Weight loss is a journey, and like any journey, it becomes easier or harder depending on your mindset.

There’s always an element of adversity to weight loss – after all, the best things in life are never entirely free.  But we always want to keep our clients as positive as possible, because a positive outlook really can help improve their own weight loss journey.  In particular, body positivity can be extremely helpful!

Why Our Victorville Weight Loss Clinic Encourages Body Positivity

Some might think this sounds like a contradiction.  After all, is someone body positive if they want to make major changes to their body?  Sure!  It’s absolutely possible.

After all, you can love your job but still want a promotion.  You can love your child, but still, want to see them make better grades.  You can love your spouse, but still, want to see them be more active around the house.  And, by extension, you can love your body and still want to see it become a bit thinner.

This is something we frequently talk to our clients about.  Many of them do come to us with low self-esteem, even saying things like “I hate my body.”  But it’s not about hating your body for being fat.  It’s about loving your body and wanting it to be as healthy as possible, so you can enjoy it for as long as possible!

Likewise, we try to avoid dietary plans which are too punishing on the body or the mind.  A diet may be slightly uncomfortable, particularly if you’ve switched to foods which you aren’t quite used to… but if your body is rebelling against the diet, then something is wrong.

And more to the point, if you’re harming your body while trying to lose weight, that weight loss system is unlikely to last.

That’s why, for example, “crash” diets never work out in the long run.  Sure, you can starve yourself for a week or a month and you may lose weight.  But your body doesn’t see it that way.  Your body sees this as a life-threatening health crisis.  As soon as the “crisis” is over, it starts stockpiling food-as-fat, and the weight comes back.

Body positivity helps prevent this.  Listening to your body and working with it are keys to sustained long-term weight loss.

Love your body.  Love it becoming thinner.

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