How Long Should You Use Medical HCG Injections?

While HCG injections have been proven effective in helping patients lose weight over several months, many are still considering how long they can continue treatment. Our team at RCMC Medical Center has years of experience completing medical HCG injections and in our new post we’re answering the question “How long should you use medical HCG injections?”.

Limit of 40 Injections

Most recommend a limit of 40 injections per treatment as a safety guide. This would usually be completed over a 3-week dietary period to determine the results of the injections. Many of the top specialists are now saying that the HCG injection treatment should be completed over a period of at least three weeks in order to be successful for the coming years. And if the patient reaches their target weight before the three-week period is over, they must then increase their calorie intake to balance their weight effectively for the rest of the treatment.

Problems with Longer Programs

While there are no particular dangers associated with receiving more than 40 HCG injections over a particular period at a medical facility, there are problems that can develop, which may impact weight loss and energy levels. For example, you can begin to experience adrenal fatigue, which leads to prolonged tiredness and changes in mood. And adrenal fatigue can lead to your body seeking higher calorie food for energy, which then undoes the good work the patient has completed within their weight loss program to date.

Focus on Comfort

The first priority in considering medical HCG injections is to choose a treatment plan that will help you to achieve the ideal level of comfort as you take on the weight loss process. The less stress you experience as you go through the HCG treatment, the better the results will be. But before deciding on a treatment plan, it’s important you speak with an expert on the options available. Only proven professionals can help you to make the right plan choice for your health in the long-term.

Our experts at RCMC Medical are here to guide you in building your ideal treatment process. To learn more about our services and our treatment options, call today!