How Much Water Should I Drink as Part of an HCG Weight Loss Program?

The HCG weight loss diet has been shown to help many improve their general health and cut the weight over time. It’s the ideal point to consider your weight loss potential, but you must first consider your water intake under the HCG weight loss program. Is there such thing as too much water? We take a look at this question in our latest post.

Too much water can lead to headaches and dizziness

The data show that high levels of sodium in the blood can have a significantly negative impact on your overall health. But the same studies show that high levels of water and low levels of sodium have a similar negative impact. Those who consume too much water throughout the day may experience dizziness and headaches when taking on strenuous exercise. Keeping your electrolytes balanced is imperative for optimal health.

How much is too much?

Under the original HCG weight loss protocol, the recommended amount of water per day is 2 liters or half a gallon. But it’s important to note whether your water intake is being managed effectively over time. And so below we’ll provide a few tips to highlight whether you’re taking in the right amount of water on your HCG diet.

  • Quick jumps in weight can result from salty foods

If you experience a quick rise in your weight the night after you eat salty foods, you can simply consume a little more water the next day to mitigate the impact on your diet.

  • Swollen ankles can mean you have a sodium buildup

Swollen ankles are often the result of a sodium buildup in the body. Make sure you respond quickly by increasing your water intake in response. If the issue doesn’t resolve itself in the following days, seek medical assistance.

  • Thirst after large intakes of water could be a sign of a medical issue

Medical problems such as diabetes can cause you to feel thirsty throughout the day, even if you drink the required amount of water. If you’re following the HCG diet and drinking the optimal amount of water while still remaining thirsty, speak with a medical professional.

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