How to Treat and Minimize Potential Liposuction Scars

Nearly 300,000 liposuction procedures take place in the United States each year. And although liposuction is considered a minimally-invasive surgery, there is still the potential for scarring. During liposuction doctors cut small incisions in their patients’ bodies so that they can insert the vacuum-like cannula that will disrupt and/or remove unwanted body fat; any time a cut is made to the skin, the body must heal itself, which often results in a visible scar (sometimes temporary and sometimes permanent). While significant liposuction scarring is unlikely, there are ways to treat liposuction scars if they occur, as well as minimize their appearance. Here are a few tips:

Choose a Skilled Physician

Pick a skilled and experienced doctor to perform your liposuction procedure. A seasoned medical professional will know how to make the smallest possible cut in the least noticeable part of the body to render the best results. Thus, even if a liposuction scar forms, it will be well hidden.

Use a Compression Garment

Doctors frequently recommend that patients wear a compression garment over the site of fat removal to decrease the likelihood of visible scars forming. Studies indicate that pressure applied to a wound often increases circulation to the area, which helps to reduce inflammation, interrupt collagen formation and better control apoptosis, necessary components for preventing (or at least minimizing the appearance of) liposuction scars.

Try Silicone Gel

Research shows that silicone gel and/or silicone gel sheets can be used to prevent scabs from forming. When applied regularly, silicone hydrates the skin, reducing the body’s inclination to produce more collagen (which it does when experiencing moisture loss) and lessening the chances that a scab — and, by extension, a scar — will form.

Cosmetic Removal

If a liposuction scar does occur, you can always try to remove it via a(nother) cosmetic procedure! Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, fillers, laser therapy, cryotherapy and even surgery can all be used as a last resort to remove liposuction scars or minimize their appearance. 

A Better Alternative

Of course, if you’re worried about possible scarring from a liposuction procedure, you can always consider alternative fat-reduction procedures. There are several medical weight loss options that are far less invasive and that have the potential to offer far longer-lasting results than (even minimally-invasive) liposuction! Our team here at RCMC Medical Center, for example, offers several types of treatments that not only help patients diminish fat, but improve their overall health, as well. To learn more about possible procedures that might work better for you than liposuction, please contact us today.