Is an HCG Diet in Claremont Right for You?

Estimates are that more than 45 million Americans will go on a diet and exercise plan each year while attempting to lose weight.  For some, it works out, and they reach their ideal size.  However, for many others, it doesn’t.  Worse, for many people, diets and exercise are ineffective through no fault of their own.  Medical conditions, differences in their metabolisms, and other bodily elements sabotage their attempt at dieting.

However, there’s no reason for these people to give up hope!  More and more Americans are discovering the benefits of the HCG diet in Claremont, a combination of medical injections and dieting which can create real weight loss results.

What Is the HCG Diet in Claremont?

The HCG Diet revolves around a particular hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) which is created by the bodies of pregnant women.  It specifically helps their bodies generate the huge amount of calorie-burning energy needed to grow and support a fetus during its time in their womb.

When administered via injection to other people, HCG has much the same effect.  It boosts the metabolism, allowing the body to more efficiently process food which is taken in, while burning off fat.  HCG has been used as a weight loss accelerator for decades, since its initial use as a weight loss drug by Dr. Albert Simeons in 1954.

Then, these injections are combined with a special medically-supervised diet which has been formulated to make best use of the opportunity presented by HCG injections.  This diet is extremely low-calorie, designed to encourage your body to burn as much fat as possible while the HCG injections are at work.

Individual results will vary, but in our experience, dieters can often burn anywhere from 1,500 to 4,000 calories per day!  That’s up to three pounds of weight loss every day.

Better yet, you don’t even have to exercise during the diet for it to work!

Interested in The HCG Diet? Contact A Genuine Specialist!

Beware of anyone online trying to tell you that you can do an HCG diet without a doctor or are selling unregulated syringes of HCG.  You must have genuine medical supervision for the HCG diet to be safe and effective.

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If diets and exercise have failed you so far, an HCG diet in Claremont may help.  Schedule your free consultation today!