Lose Up to 30 Pounds in Just 10 Weeks at the Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Rancho Cucamonga!

When losing weight feels like an uphill battle and nothing has worked in the past, an underlying medical problem could be the cause. When left untreated low testosterone or an underactive thyroid can negate any dieting efforts. However, the medical professionals at RCMC Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Rancho Cucamonga have the experience and training to diagnose and treat these problems and promote healthy weight loss. RCMC’s 10-week program is designed to alleviate any underlying health problems, simulate metabolism, and give their clients the support, education, and encouragement that is vital to lasting, sustainable weight loss.

The Ten Weeks to A Healthier You Weight Loss Program

It all starts with the desire to better yourself, to lose weight, get healthy, and start living the life you have always dreamed of. Once you are truly ready to head down the path to sustainable weight loss, the caring staff at the RCMC Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Rancho Cucamonga will help guide you down every step of the way and give you the tools you need to experience rapid, sustainable weight loss — as much as 30 pounds in just 10 weeks!

This 10-week program begins with a medical screening to ensure you qualify for this fast track program. This screening will show any underlying medical problems and help the doctors customize your weight loss plan to your unique needs, goals, and history. Depending on the results of your medical evaluation, your 10-week plan may include any of the following:

  • Weight Loss Injections
  • Appetite Suppressants
  • Medical HCG Injections for Men and Women
  • Testosterone Therapy
  • Underactive Thyroid Treatments
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Counseling
  • Personalized Diet Plan
  • Heartfelt Encouragement and Support

Help Every Step of the Way

The key to success starts with identifying any underlying medical condition that may hinder weight loss and continues with plenty of heartfelt support and encouragement. The friendly staff at the RCMC Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Rancho Cucamonga not only have the training, experience, and skills to help you along the way, but they also provide invaluable support and encouragement. No one should have to make this journey alone. The professionals at RCMC Medical Center know you can reach your goals because they have seen others just like you struggle with their weight, and have cheered them on as they reached their goals. 

At RCMC Medical Center, your success is our success and to us, failure is not an option. Let us help guide you down the path to a better you, through our proven 10-week weight loss program. Contact our dedicated professionals today to request your free consultation and you could start seeing the pounds melt away.