Lose Weight and Feel Great at RCMC Medical Weight Loss Center

Here at RCMC Medical Center, not a day goes by that we don’t hear about another failed dieting attempt. However, the dieting world doesn’t have to look this way. In fact, with the right tools, support, encouragement, and dedication, you can reach your weight loss goals. Here’s how the expert team at our medical weight loss center can help you reach your goal weight.

An Individualized Approach

The term “one size fits all,” doesn’t work for clothing, and it certainly doesn’t work for diets. When the weight management plan is designed to fit your unique needs, goals, and challenges, you are more likely to succeed.

Nutritional Counseling

Food is not the enemy, and can bring much joy and comfort to people of all types. However, learning the best way to fuel your body, such as meal timing, portion control, and choosing smart options, can help improve your chances of weight loss success.

 Lipo Plus

Sometimes, all the body needs is a good solid jump start on the road to weight loss. Here at RCMC Medical Center, our teams of experienced medical professionals administer the Lipo Plus injections, which boosts the metabolism, burns fat, and floods the body with new energy, greatly accelerating weight loss.

Appetite Suppressants

Overeating is one of the leading causes of obesity, and the hardest aspect to overcome when attempting to diet alone. The team at our medical weight loss center in Rancho Cucamonga understands how difficult it can be to avoid overeating. If indicated as necessary during your initial intake, appetite suppressants may be prescribed to help boost your chances of success.

Medical HCG Injections

For those wishing to put their weight loss on fast track, we offer medical grade HCG injections, which help melt deep fat deposits turning them into usable energy and greatly reducing the feelings of hunger. This combination can produce drastic results quickly!

Underactive Thyroid Treatments

Problems with the thyroid that reduces the amount of thyroid hormones in the body can make losing weight nearly impossible. However, with the proper treatment, a personalized weight management program and plenty of encouragement and support can lead to long term weight loss.

The key to success is having the right weight management plan to fit your unique body, lifestyle, and desires. For more information, or to request your free weight loss consultation, please contact RCMC Medical Center!