New Options for People with Weight Gain Associated with an Underactive Thyroid in Banning

Here at RCMC Medical Center, we take great pride in each and every one of our clients’ successes, and today, we’d like to announce that all their success and hard work has allowed us to expand into the Banning area. Our new location will enable us to help hundreds of people who are struggling to lose weight because of an underlying medical problem, such as an underactive thyroid

Your Success is Our Success

The dedicated professionals at RCMC Medical Center have long believed that our clients’ success is our success, and to us, failure is not an option. This belief, coupled with your hard work and dedication, our staff’s heartfelt support and encouragement, and a little bit of medical intervention from qualified medical professionals, has proven effective, not only for our client’s weight loss goals, but also for our business. The opening of our new Banning location will allow us to help even more people reach their weight loss goals and reclaim their lives.

Banning Area Services

For our Banning area clients, we are pleased to be able to offer our complete range of medical weight loss services, including:

  • Complete Medical Evaluation – As with our other locations, the Banning area RCMC Medical Center highly trained medical professionals will oversee each client’s weight loss progress.
  • Weight Loss Injections – A powerful combination that supports the body and helps stimulate weight loss.
  • Medical HCG Injections – The pregnancy hormone tricks the body into burning more calories than it otherwise would.
  • Nutritional Counseling – Our knowledgeable nutritional counselors in Banning can show you how, what, and when to eat to get the most out of your medical weight loss program.
  • Testosterone Therapy– Reverses the side effects of low testosterone and promotes rapid weight loss. 
  • Underactive Thyroid Treatments – Difficulties losing weight may be due to an underactive thyroid, treatment for this condition is now available to our clients in Banning. 

For more information about our new Banning location’s services, or to request your free medical weight loss consultation, please contact the friendly staff at RCMC Medical Center today, and let us help you down the path to better health through weight loss. Your success is our success, and opening our new location only drives us to help more people reach their goals and live the life they have always dreamed of.