Our Victorville, CA Nutritional Counseling Team Offer Some Healthy Snacking Tips

Experiencing a lack of progress in your new diet? It could be related to your snacking in between meals.

By utilizing some simple tactics and tricks, you can get back on that path of healthy eating and regain control over your diet. Our Victorville, CA, nutritional counseling team at RCMC Medical Center explains how you can do this.

Shopping tips for finding healthy foods

Snacking begins in the store with the products we choose. Use the following tips to maintain a healthy diet:

  • Look for foods that combine protein and nutritional content

Healthy foods tend to be protein-rich because protein promotes satiety and will help you stay full for longer between meals. Protein-rich foods such as eggs can be combined with products such as apples and celery for full nutritional value when snacking.

  • Don’t go shopping when hungry

When you’re hungry your stomach will have a greater input in your shopping decisions. Make sure you’ve eaten within the hour if you’re headed to the grocery store.

  • Use smaller containers

When you get home from the store, portion your snacks out into smaller containers to avoid over-eating. Remember to create portions based on the suggested serving size. The latest nutritional counseling research shows this can help you achieve a better-balanced diet.

Tips for making your kitchen a healthy snack zone

Taking control of your kitchen can help you focus on your dietary goals more clearly. Remember the following tips for managing the kitchen space:

  • Make tempting foods inconvenient

If you have unhealthy snacks in the home, ensure that finding them and eating them is inconvenient. Move them into the garage or the pantry, away from commonly-used areas of the home.

  • Don’t keep a TV in the kitchen

Try to avoid spending lots of time lounging in the kitchen. This means keeping television and other forms of entertainment away from the area and using the kitchen space solely for food prep and meal time.

  • Place healthy foods where they can be seen

We tend to reach for the first item we see in the fridge. So, make sure that carrots, yogurt, and other healthy snacks are placed at the front. And place unhealthy foods in containers and drawers within the fridge so they aren’t easily seen.

Consult our Victorville, CA nutritional counseling team

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