RCMC Medical Center Spotlights HCG Weight Loss Success Stories

Losing weight is a long and difficult journey, often exacerbated by unknown medical problems. However, with enthusiastic support and customized weight loss plans, weight loss goals are easier to achieve. At RCMC Medical Center, they customize their medical weight loss programs to meet the needs of each individual. These weight loss programs often include the use of HCG Injections.

What are HCG Injections

Created over 50 years ago by Dr. Simeons, HCG injections use medical grade pregnancy hormones (HCG) to help suppress the appetite and burn targeted fat deposits in both men and women. When used in combination with a low calorie diet, nutritional counseling, on going support, and other indicated medical weight loss treatments, HCG injections have been proven to help reduce hunger, increase energy, burn fat, and lose weight.

HCG injections are particularly helpful for those who have had difficulties in the past. At RCMC Medical Center, hundreds of people have reached their goals of a healthier life using HCG weight loss injections and other weight loss programs.

Here are a few HCG weight loss success stories from RCMC Medical Center:

Bill R.

Bill had tried several fad diets in the past, and they all ended up with the same results: little to no weight loss, that quickly returned. He turned to RCMC Medical Center hoping their medical weight loss programs would help where others had failed. Since failure is not an option at RCMC Medical Center, they worked tirelessly to develop a plan and give Bill the tools he needed to change his life, and keep the weight off. In only 12 short weeks, Bill had lost 45 pounds!

Rich R.

Rich came to RCMC Medical Center with diabetic blood sugar levels of 241, and high triglycerides at 353. RCMC worked with him to develop a weight loss plan that completely turned his health around. In just 6 weeks’ time, his blood sugar levels returned to a healthier level of 89 and his triglycerides dropped to 105. As wonderful as those numbers are, his weight loss in the same time frame (6 weeks) was an amazing 45 pounds!

Indu A.

Indu struggled to lose weight. She tried everything she could think of, including the popular Jenny Craig program and the Gastric Sleeve. However, even that drastic measure produced few results. In just 16 weeks with RCMC Medical CenterIndulost 50 pounds, and continues to lose weight.

These are just a few of the amazing success stories from RCMC Medical Center. They have helped hundreds of people transform their lives. To learn more about RCMC Medical Center’s personalized medical HCG weight loss, please contact their professional staff today and request your free weight loss consultation.