RCMC Medical Center’s Nutritionist in Rancho Cucamonga Has Announced Six Tips to Prevent Dieting Problems This Coming Holiday Season

RCMC Medical Center has announced 6 tips from their Rancho Cucamonga nutritionist to help prevent dieting problems this Holiday season. 

Rancho Cucamonga, CA – October, 2016 – RCMC Medical Center has announced tips that will help clients remain within their dieting plan without denying themselves this Holiday season. To maintain progress, they offer the following tips.

  1. Do not skip breakfast – Breakfast, besides supplying the body with energy for the coming day, also jump starts the metabolism. Skipping breakfast, or any meal, can encourage the body to store extra energy as fatty deposits, negating other dieting progress. 
  2. Watch what you drink – Beverages are famous for harboring hidden empty calories, particularly the rich fancy pumpkin spiced coffees that have become so popular in recent years. To enjoy these seasonal treats, limit the size and frequency, and opt for a lower calorie, reduced sugar, and minimal fat.
  3. Try healthy alternatives to holiday favorites – The Holiday season is known for the rich, sweet, and flavorful meals, treats, and snacks that can derail a diet and lead to regaining the weight. To reduce this risk, work with a RCMC Medical Center nutritionist in Rancho Cucamonga to develop healthy alternatives.
  4. Use smaller dishes – A smaller plate or bowl can trick the mind into believing you have eaten more than you actually have, leading to feeling full quicker. 
  5. Say “No, thank you.” – It’s okay to decline a party or dinner invitation, especially if you are concerned your diet may be negatively impacted. Taking care of your healthy weight loss needs should be your highest priority.
  6. Forgive diet slips and do not let them derail you – Diet slips are bound to happen, but that should not set you back completely. Acknowledge the slip, forgive yourself, and return to your diet plan with a stronger resolve.

To learn more ways to prevent diet slips this Holiday season, please contact the expert nutritionist in Rancho Cucamonga at RCMC Medical Center today.


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