RCMC Medical Weight Loss Center – A History of Making a Difference

When we created the medical weight loss center, RCMC Medical Center, our goal was to truly make a difference to patients who had tried over and over to lose weight, with minimal results.  And we like to think we have!

Helping California, One Healthy Body at A Time

Unlike so many newcomers to the weight loss industry, RCMC Medical Center has a long history helping everyday people achieve the healthy, happy bodies they so desire.  We started more than 20 years ago, during the height of the fad diet craze of the 1990s.  We’d seen patient after patient, and clinic after clinic, chase whatever self-help book came out, and almost always with little results.

Even if the method worked for the short-term, the pounds would almost inevitably come back, time after time.

The big problem was, yo-yo dieting isn’t just dispiriting and stressful to the dieter; it’s downright dangerous to the body.  Having weight constantly come and go creates a large strain on the heart, as well as depressing the immune system.  This type of diet can easily start eating away muscle, rather than fat as well.

Worst of all, too many ups-and-downs can have the exact opposite effect.  The body gets confused and comes to think that food is scarce, which causes it to pack on even more weight.  With every bounce of the yo-yo, dieters were making it harder to lose weight!

We knew there had to be a better answer.  

So we studied the programs that worked.  We focused on creating a practical, sustainable program that would get the pounds off the first time, and keep them off.  

A Medical Weight Loss Center Tailored to Your Needs

The solution certainly seems obvious, but you wouldn’t know it looking at many of the other medical weight loss center options out there.  Dieting isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition.  Every person and every body is different, and needs a weight-loss plan tailored to fit.

That’s why every client of RCMC Medical Center receives close personal attention from a specialist counselor who works with them until they reach their goals.  To help clients succeed, we offer a wide range of weight-loss programs, rather than pushing a single solution.  These include:

  • Customized diet and exercise plans
  • Personal nutrition and lifestyle counseling
  • Lipo Plus
  • HGC Injections
  • Appetite Suppressants 
  • Hormone Treatment
  • Thyroid Treatments

The combination of a personal touch with a wide variety of potential treatments has led the RCMC to a fantastic 90% success rate, with plenty of success stories in our decades of practice.

RCMC Medical Center is California’s premiere medical weight loss center, and we’re here to help you on your weight-loss journey with a free consultation.  Contact us today!