Understanding How Lipo-Plus Injections Help You Lose Weight

People often come to us at RCMC Medical Center looking for weight loss solutions that go beyond the standard diet and exercise programs. Usually, it’s people who have already tried regular diets and found themselves unable to lose weight and keep it off.

We have a variety of alternatives available, ones that require medical guidance, to help people in such a situation. One of these is Lipo-Plus. Lipo-Plus can kickstart your body’s metabolism, and help you lose weight quickly. However, it’s not for everyone – here are some of the things you should know if you think Lipo-Plus might be an option.

Understanding the Basics Of Lipo-Plus Injections

1- What is Lipo-Plus?

Lipo-Plus is a brand name for lipotropic injections. Basically, these are injections of naturally-occurring vitamins and hormones that your body may not have sufficient amounts of. Ingredients include:

  • Inositol, which regulates insulin production
  • Choline, which helps liver fat processing
  • Methionine, which inspires fat burning, and
  • Vitamins B-6 and B-12, which add energy to your metabolism

2- Does Lipo-Plus involve a diet?

Yes. Lipo-Plus injections only boost your body’s energy and metabolism.  You also go on a restricted-calorie diet and an exercise program, which is what actually causes you to lose weight.

3- What kind of results are typical?

This will, of course, vary greatly from patient to patient.  However, around 2-3 pounds lost per week is typical. Sometimes it can be as high as 5 pounds per week.

4- Do the injections hurt?

Not to speak of. Very tiny needles are used, so small that many patients say they can’t even feel the injection. If there’s any pain at all, it is extremely minimal.

5- How long does a Lipo-Plus program last?

This will be partially decided by your doctor, but a typical Lipo-Plus program lasts around 12 weeks.

6- Do I need a prescription for Lipo-Plus?

YES. Lipotropic injections are a controlled prescription-only medication and should only be obtained from legitimate sources. Misuse, or incorrect dosing, can even potentially cause liver problems. Various sources online may claim to have Lipo-Plus, but it is extremely dangerous to order online or use without genuine medical oversight.

Get the Weight Loss Help You Need!

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