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    Even with a rigorous exercise routine, many people struggle to maintain a low weight due to unsustainable diet plans, or unfulfilled daily nutritional requirements. Holding on to excess body fat can lead to serious health problems and consequences, which affect your mobility later in life. Our excellent nutrition counseling services have helped countless clients at our Rancho Cucamonga, Hesperia and Banning fast weight loss clinics, to lose substantial amounts of body fat and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

    Our Approach

    At RCMC Medical Center, we believe that a positive outlook and reliable support system is the only way to start an effective weight loss journey! Our counselors welcome clients of all shapes and sizes to be a part of a life-changing experience that will lead to incredible mental and physical transformations. With non-judgmental support and constant motivation from our dedicated team, clients can achieve the healthiest mental and physical condition of their lives.

    At our clinics, we understand that fast weight loss solutions are highly dependent on the client’s history with dieting and medical conditions, as well as their specific needs. Those who require an immediate solution can explore services such as our Lipo-Plus injections or Testosterone therapy, where our team will continue to work with you to help you maintain your new physique with healthy eating habits. Those suffering from illnesses such as an underactive thyroid may also seek services in our Rancho Cucamonga, Hesperia and Banning weight loss clinics.

    A Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle

    There are many factors, which affect your dietary needs. Our clinicians work to develop customized diet plans for our clients, where they will consider your food preferences, your unique daily schedule, as well as your activity level. For example, those who often travel for work will need to consider a diet plan that accommodates people who are constantly on the go. Those with serious health concerns may need to incorporate a short-term appetite suppressant into their diet plan to support the beginning of a healthy lifestyle. Clients can expect to work with our team to continuously adjust their diet plan so that it fits flawlessly with their lifestyle.

    RCMC Medical Center in Banning

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