What is Leptin? Learn About Its Impact on the Body from Our Claremont Team

The data shows that your body is hard-wired to hold on to fat. It’s how your brain determines how much fat you need to survive if you had to go without food for a certain period of time. Leptin is the hormone behind this natural process. In this latest post, we’ll explain more about appetite suppressants and leptin, and how Claremont dieters can use the hormone to help lose weight over time.

What does leptin do?

Leptin helps to regulate your appetite and it will help you determine whether you’re full or not. The hormone lives in your fat cells and so when you begin to lose weight, you will also lose leptin. So, when you begin to lose weight, you’ll lose one of the best natural appetite suppressants you have within your body.

What are the consequences of losing leptin?

When you start to lose leptin through the loss of fat cells, when you reduce your weight, your body will immediately try to bring your leptin levels back up by increasing your stores of fat. It’s why studies from the University of Exeter in the UK show that those who lose a significant amount of weight tend to gain more weight in the long-term than those who have never tried to diet.

How to restore levels of leptin without adding fat

There are many techniques for maintaining your leptin levels and therefore maintaining your appetite balance. One of which is to increase your consumption of healthy proteins. Proteins can increase the number of gut peptides compared with carb-based products, which have more calories but a lesser impact on the gut. Another important mechanism for increasing the level of leptin in your body is getting more sleep. The studies show that if you get 5 hours or less of sleep, compared with the average 8 hours, you’ll have 15% less leptin in your body. In addition, a lack of sleep can cause you to reach for carb-heavy, low-protein foods for energy.

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