What to Expect from Lipo-Plus Injections

If you have struggled with losing weight in the past, and have tried multiple diet/exercise programs with little long-term progress, there might be another option for you: Lipo-Plus injections. Lipo-Plus, short for lipotropic injections, is a form of medically-assisted weight loss which can boost your body’s ability to naturally burn off fat.

Lipo-Plus injections are completely safe and are simply delivering more of certain vitamins and hormones that your body already naturally produces. Ingredients such as Inositol and Vitamins B-6 and B-12 help regulate areas of digestion such as insulin production and fat disposal, as well as boosting energy levels. Taken together, they can significantly improve your chances of losing weight and keeping it off!

If you’re thinking about Lipo-Plus, here are some things our RCMC Medical Center team wants you to understand about the before and after periods.

Understanding How You’ll Feel Before and After Lipo-Plus

  1. Before

Lipo-Plus injections are not necessarily recommended for all patients. The process begins with consultation from a dietary specialist who will give you a physical as well as talk to you about your lifestyle, feelings of health, and your previous attempts at weight loss. Then they’ll decide whether to recommend Lipo-Plus or other options.

Some signs that Lipo-Plus could be the solution include:

  • Feelings of sluggishness
  • Difficulty finding the energy to exercise
  • Fat gain even with exercise programs
  • Slow metabolism

If your doctor believes you’re a good fit for Lipo-Plus, they can start the process very quickly.  The injections themselves use tiny needles and are virtually painless. Many patients say they can’t feel them at all!

  1. After

Lipo-Plus is all about improving your energy levels and metabolism. You will almost undoubtedly feel much more energetic after your Lipo-Plus shots. However, it will be a very natural and “smooth” feeling level of energy, not the mania that can come from coffee or other harsh chemical stimulants. Your metabolism will also improve, and that means you should start losing weight very easily with a diet and exercise program.

Other possible benefits include better-looking hair and skin, and a more general feeling of well-being.

Are You Looking for Serious Weight Loss Help? RCMC Is Here!

RCMC Medical Center has specialists in weight loss tactics, including medical solutions such as lipotropic injections and HCG diets. If you’ve tried and failed to lose weight in the past, contact RCMC today to schedule a free consultation about your options!