What You Need to Know About Medical HCG Injections

“Are medical HCG injections right for me?” A lot of people are asking that question, particularly when more traditional forms of weight loss have failed them. HCG-based programs can deliver huge weight loss results within a month or so, but it also involves a very intensive diet.

People have a lot of questions about medical HCG injections, so RCMC Medical Center wanted to answer some that we hear most often about how HCG can facilitate rapid weight loss.

Answering Your Questions about HCG and HCG Diets

1- What is HCG?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a natural hormone in the bodies of pregnant women. Among its many effects, HCG helps a person’s body remain stable and retain muscle mass, even during periods of rapid weight loss.

2- Are Medical HCG Injections best?

Yes! HCG is a controlled prescription-only substance which you should only receive from fully-licensed and legitimate medical facilities. Further, injections are by far the best way to get HCG into your body. Other methods, like creams or sprays, do not properly deliver HCG.

3- What is the HCG diet?

The HCG diet is a Very Low-Calorie Diet, which typically restricts your caloric intake to 1,000 calories or less. This enables very rapid weight loss. Normally, it would be too hard for the body to lose weight so rapidly, but the HCG injections help keep your body stable during the process.

4- How long does the HCG diet last?

It can vary somewhat, depending on the recommendations of your doctor, but it will be in the area of one month and never more than six weeks.

5- Do I exercise on the HCG diet?

No. Simply put, you won’t have the calories for it. You will want to restrict your movements and avoid strenuous activities during the course of the diet.

6- Will I feel hungry on the HCG diet?

This varies from person to person. For many, the HCG injections seem to inhibit their feelings of hunger. There are also other options, such as drinking coffee or taking fiber pills, to reduce feelings of hunger.

7- Are HCG diets permanent?

Weight loss on any diet can be regained, if the patient does not maintain a healthy lifestyle afterward. HCG diets are no different. Remember, our team is always here to help and support you through your journey.

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