Why Victorville, CA, Clients Should Choose Medical HCG Injections

You may be considering using HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) to compliment your dietary goals. HCG, when taken as prescribed by a doctor, has been shown to help with lose weight. For this reason, it’s important you work with an experienced Victorville, CA, medical professional when following a medical HCG injection-based diet. Some try to take shortcuts to success with HCG drops from a drugstore. HCG cannot be sold over the counter under FDA regulations, so any HCG drops you buy directly without a prescription are typically not real HCG.

Injections versus drops

If you’re deciding between HCG injections and drops, make sure you take the following into full consideration:

  • Injections guarantee all the HCG enters your body

When following an HCG-based dietary program, it’s important to make sure as much of the HCG enters your system as possible. This is a key difference between HCG injections and drops.

When you swallow HCG drops, you may not get the full dose, as some of it will be lost in the digestive tract when you swallow. Injections are the only way to guarantee that the full dose enters your system.

  • Injections are easier to combine with your diet

When taking HCG drops, you cannot eat or drink for 30-minutes afterward. This can be difficult for you if you’re on a strict diet and must eat during specific times of the day. Since drops are sometimes not absorbed effectively, you may find yourself reaching for snacks and unhealthy foods to satiate your hunger.

Injections are the more convenient choice since you don’t have to change your dietary program to accommodate them.

  • Drops may need to be taken more often

Many dieters have found that they need to take drops more often compared with medical HCG injections from their local Victorville, CA, specialist.

So, while the drops might be cheaper per dose, you might have to take more to get the same effect provided by injections.

A reputable provider is the most important factor

The most important consideration when choosing any HCG-based diet is the medical professional delivering the product. Ensure you work with a company that has a proven history in the medical industry and employs Victorville, CA, professionals trained to offer medical HCG injections.

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