5 Tips for Speeding Up Your Liposuction Recovery Time

For the first time in its history, The Aesthetic Society, the world’s leading professional association of board-certified plastic surgeons, is predicting that by the end of this year liposuction will overtake breast augmentation as the most coveted surgical procedure. It’s not hard to imagine why; the past year’s ongoing pandemic has forced changes in the way we all eat, sleep and live, which have culminated in an estimated 42% of Americans reporting an average weight gain of 29 pounds! We’ve been stressed out, overeating and neglecting the gym all in an effort to avoid — or simply forget — COVID-19 and all its ill effects. Now we’re looking for a remedy, and liposuction is a minimally-invasive procedure with the potential to provide relatively quick results. If you’re thinking about having the procedure but are worried about the associated downtime, keep reading; the following tips can help you speed up liposuction recovery time:

Have a Plan

As with any activity, having a plan reduces unexpected surprises and, thus, saves you time and energy for the things that matter most. In this case, having a plan allows you to rest and focus on healing after your surgery (which ultimately speeds your recovery). Arranging meals, transport and other necessities for daily living (like home cleaning, childcare, etc.) ahead of your surgery means you are able to remain as inactive as possible after it, providing your body with the rest it needs to fight infection, reduce inflammation and heal in the most effective, as well as the most efficient, way.

Move…a Bit

While it’s recommended that you reduce your level of activity after liposuction, you still need to move, albeit slowly and with care. Getting up and taking light walks will reduce your risk of blood clots by stimulating your circulation, simultaneously reducing any swelling and, thus, further improving liposuction recovery time.

Drink…a Lot

Drinking a lot of water both before and after a liposuction procedure will help your body combat inflammation and provide it with the hydration it needs to replenish cells and encourage new tissue growth quickly.

Make Use of Massage Therapy

Research shows that massage stimulates the lymphatic system, enabling the body to rid itself of excess fluids and waste. In addition, massage increases blood flow, making it easier for vital oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to a specific area for cellular repair. Ask your doctor if massage would be a good way for you to accelerate your liposuction recovery time.

Wear the Right Clothes

Much like massage, the right clothes can be used to speed liposuction recovery time.

Fitting tightly against the surgical site, a compression garment provides gentle, but constant pressure that warms the skin, increasing blood flow to the area, reducing inflammation and pain and, again, speeding up overall liposuction recovery time. On the flip side, clothes that irritate the surgical site (such as those made from abrasive or stiff fabrics) can further inflame the area or even infect it, prolonging recovery for weeks or even months!

A Better Option

Although many people are looking at liposuction as a way to shed unwanted pounds, it’s not an ideal weight loss tool. There are many medical weight loss strategies that, coupled with or without supplements, injections and/or nutritional counseling, can facilitate healthier living and result in a more sustainable weight reduction than liposuction. To learn about partnering with a medical center to achieve lasting weight loss success, please contact our office for a free consultation.