Everything You Need to Know About Full Body Liposuction Costs

As one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgery options available, liposuction is extremely popular. This is because of its quick results and ability to motivate the patient into pursuing a healthier lifestyle post-surgery. While some people may come in to target stubborn fat in a specific region of their body—areas like the belly, leg, or arm—others often require total body liposuction in order to balance out their body in a natural way.

But what’s the price? Full body liposuction cost is sure to be higher than just a specific area, so we’re here to make sure you understand what goes into that cost.

Time is Money!

Something to be aware of regarding full body liposuction cost is how long it’s going to take. The amount of time in the operating room will play a role in determining your total cost, and the more areas of your body that are worked on, the longer you’ll be spending there. This is mostly contributed to the time a doctor must spend operating on you because their rate of pay is heavy. What this amounts to is a cost that will typically run higher for full body liposuction, covering areas like the abdomen, buttocks, chin, neck, calves, ankles, thighs, upper arms, hips, back, and chest, as opposed to just one or two isolated areas of the body. You’ve also got to consider that large areas like the abdomen and back, as well as delicate areas like the neck, will require more time and precision.

Small isolated areas can be performed in as little as an hour, but receiving a full body treatment can last several. If you are able to undergo surgery on multiple areas during the same session, this will help to reduce the cost as well.

How Much is the Average Full Body Liposuction Cost

While the overall full body liposuction cost can vary widely depending on several variables, there is generally an average price associated with the procedure. This is also dependent upon the state and country that it is being performed in, as it fluctuates by location. However, as it stands, average prices nationwide range anywhere from 3,000 to 20,000, with full body procedures leaning towards the higher end. This doesn’t mean your surgery is guaranteed to rack you up with a bill that high, but it should come as no shock that it will most likely put you into the higher billing bracket.

Other Factors that Contribute to Full Body Liposuction Cost

Even after you’ve figured out the average full body liposuction cost, there are still many other factors that have a role to play in figuring the total price. One of these additional factors is the type of anesthesia being used for the procedure. A local anesthetic can usually just be given by the one performing the surgery in whatever region of the body it is required for general numbing, but more serious cases might require a trained anesthesiologist, which adds to the cost.

Other considerations include the patient’s body type, the specific surgeon, the method of procedure used, post-surgery medication, hospital facility costs, and more. Not to worry though, as many hospitals provide several financing options to accommodate your best options, and certain types of insurance can cover a portion of the cost too—just be sure to check with your provider.

Ready to Make a Change?

Full body liposuction has the potential to change the lives of those that seek it as a treatment. Despite a generally higher cost than typically targeted liposuction, many patients come out thrilled with the results. Not only can it give you the jump you need to start feeling better about yourself, but it can act as the segway that leads you into a healthier lifestyle over time. It is one of the safest, most effective, and ultimately reliable options when it comes to weight loss methods.

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