What Are the Benefits of Appetite Suppressants?

While many of us want to lose weight, unfortunately, there are many methods of attempting weight loss that are unsafe and can ultimately lead to further weight gain. While being overweight can result in potential medical issues, our team at RCMC Medical Center is here to help.

If you are struggling to shed those pounds, you’re not alone! While we offer a host of different options, appetite suppressants may be the right option for you. To assist, we’ve put together a quick guide to the benefits of appetite suppressants. 

How They Work

Appetite suppressants, as the name indicates, is a prescribed medication that will control your body’s appetite. They work by energizing the central nervous system, and by doing so, also stimulate and increase blood pressure and heart, while also lowering your appetite.

Junk food and food cravings can be a major hindrance to weight loss. With appetite suppressants, they help you fight this battle so you can focus on eating healthier food while giving your body the nutrients it needs to perform at an optimal level.

Who Is A Candidate?

As previously mentioned, appetite suppressants are a prescribed medical treatment, so not everyone can utilize this service. Potential candidates must have a body mass index (BMI) higher than 30, or those who have an underlying medical condition (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) and have a BMI higher than 27.

Medical Supervision

Appetite suppressants can be a great weight loss option under the right circumstances. It is vital to have the support and close supervision of a certified medical practitioner and team when using this option. Never use or buy suppressants that can be found online or from anyone other than a doctor.

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