What is the Average Weight Loss on HCG Injections Like?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or HCG for short, is a hormone that is naturally released by women during pregnancy. In recent years, studies have shown that HCG is a proven weight loss solution that targets even the most stubborn, unneeded fat deposits throughout the body and converts them into usable energy. These hormones are well known for producing drastic results rapidly, with the average weight loss on HCG injections being up to three pounds per day when coupled with a simple low-calorie diet. Despite the hormone being naturally produced by women, physician-administered, medical-grade HCG injections are effective at helping both men and women lose weight. HCG is a naturally occurring hormone, meaning it is safe for both men and women who want to lose weight quickly. 

HCG injections work by providing the body with extra energy, which is converted from fat deposits. These injections are a great option for anyone needing to lose a drastic amount of weight, as average weight loss on HCG injections can include burning between 1,500 to 4,000 calories a day. On average, that adds up to about 1-3 pounds of weight loss per day. 

In addition to converting unneeded fat into usable energy for the body, HCG can also help to remove the buildup of chemicals in the hypothalamus. This buildup of chemicals, which is commonly caused by the frequent consumption of overly processed foods, can be a major obstacle to your body’s ability to lose weight. When these built-up toxins are flushed out with the help of healthy, nutrient-rich foods, the hypothalamus is better able to help rid the body of any unwanted fat. HCG injections have many additional positive health benefits, including an increase in energy. Patients who suffer from conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic pain also report a drastic decrease in symptoms and pain after receiving injections. 

Average weight loss on HCG injections is most effective when coupled with a low-calorie diet. RCMC provides personalized diets and meal plans for those who need help making such a drastic change to their diet, making it even easier to see rapid results easily. Since HCG is a hormone commonly associated with morning sickness in pregnant women, it often acts as a natural appetite suppressant, making it easy to follow the low-calorie diet plan that is assembled for you. Many recipients of HCG injections report feeling full and satisfied throughout the duration of their diet, despite only eating around 500 calories per day. 

If you have tried various diets or weight loss programs and have not seen results, HCG injections could be a great option for you. These injections are safe and made from hormones that are naturally found in the body, and produce some of the quickest and most drastic results of any other weight loss method. The results of HCG injections are long-lasting, and patients who receive them are less likely to regain weight over time than those who follow other weight loss plans or regimens. 

If you have struggled to find a weight loss program or routine that works for you and want to see drastic results quickly, contact us to discuss how to get started with HCG injections today.