For those that find they have immense difficulty losing weight or require additional means of doing so, turning to a medical weight loss clinic is often the answer. These facilities contain physicians that provide patients with strict exercise and diet regimens to not only help them lose weight safely but also keep it off after the program has concluded. But with such a high success rate and professional programs, many are left wondering what they can expect from medical weight loss clinic costs if they choose this path. How much do visits cost? Do they accept insurance? And do these costs really yield the results they claim? 

What Are Typical Medical Weight Loss Clinic Costs?

It should go without saying that the cost of going to a medical weight loss clinic will vary from patient to patient, and the price will be dependent on the length of the program they are given by a medical professional based on how much weight they need to lose. However, general costs can typically range anywhere from $200 to $320 for a consultation, which will help the provider determine a further course of action. From there, weekly visits might run from $60 to $80, and while this is a case-by-case basis, the vast majority of clinics will fall roughly within these parameters. This does not include additional costs, like potential supplements, food, and prescriptions.


Will Insurance Cover Medical Weight Loss Clinic Costs?

While medical weight loss clinic costs are affordable for many, there are still those that might not find them as accessible. But these individuals shouldn’t consider it a lost cause; there are some medical weight loss clinics that accept insurance, while others allow the use of Flexible Spending in order to pay. You should always check with a medical weight loss clinic before assuming that they will accept these forms of payment, but it is always worth checking into.


Are Medical Weight Loss Clinic Costs Worth It?

While it will certainly depend on the individual, a resounding amount of people that have gone through the programs have agreed that the benefits are most definitely worth the cost. Not only are they fairly affordable, but they work. You won’t find the typical “weight loss secret” that many experts claim will melt away twenty pounds of fat in two weeks or “get fit quick” schemes that are so often promoted. What you get is a group of medical experts that use a combination of science, exercise, and a clean diet to get you the best results possible to change your life.


A Healthy Weight Loss Option

Contacting a medical weight loss clinic is one of the safest and most effective options for those looking to lose weight and improve their overall lifestyle. They also completely transform your eating and workout habits in order to set you up for success once the initial program has ended, thus preventing you from gaining the access weight back over time. If you’re interested in getting in touch with a trustworthy medical weight loss clinic, RCMC has you covered. We’ve worked with thousands of patients to help them live the life they not only want but deserve. Reach out today to learn more!